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Corporate Training Through Drama

You may not think it, but a key form of training could be missing from your repertoire. If you are not using drama in your corporate training routine, then you should think about adding it immediately. Here’s how this form of training can be such a powerful tool – and what it will help your employees to learn.

Improved Leadership Skills

The first area in which your team can improve their skills is in leadership. When using a drama workshop, trainees are often encourage to form groups and create their own short plays or role plays. This means that someone has to take charge. If you are concerned that some of your employees already have enough leadership authority, then you can select other employees to take charge. When they have to organise something very different to the workplace environment, they can learn a great deal. They may also be surprised to learn that in fact, organising a short piece can be very similar to organising a project. They will learn delegation, how to assign tasks based on skills, and how to manage conflicts between team members. They will also take responsibility for the efforts of the whole team and the results that they come up with.

Increased Creativity

Creativity can be essential in the workplace. It can aid with problem solving, as well as helping more effective strategies to be developed within projects. It’s also a fantastic attribute to help manage the work-life balance. You need to help your employees to develop this creative side, and how better to do that than by helping them to act? With a short drama workshop, they can be encouraged to write and perform their own plays. This will allow them to work on finding inspiration and developing ideas. It’s also very fulfilling for them to be able to see the results of their work come to fruition. Many creative pursuits are longer term, but this format allows them to put in the work and get feedback within a short space of time.

Enhanced Teamwork

Especially if the members of your groups work together in the office, you can really strengthen their ability to work as a team. This is key to getting the finished piece organised and performed to the best possible standard. They will learn how to offer constructive criticism, and how to take it. They will learn to adapt, and how to take the best parts of everyone’s ideas to make an overall project that works. Working as a team to complete their drama workshop is essential for making a more cohesive and collaborative workshop.

Better Personal Development

It is also important to encourage personal development in your employees, as well as self-belief. Some of them may be shy at the idea of role play or drama, thinking that they would never be able to put together a good performance. This is a common belief for most who have never tried it before. Once they get into the swing of things, they can however prove themselves wrong. The ability to perform and do well in the exercises will astound them, giving them more belief in themselves. It may even spark a newfound interest or hobby! What is important is that your employees not only learn new things, but also have a good time. This will help the lessons to stick, which is great for ongoing development.

If you are interested in putting together a training experience beyond the norm, this is definitely an option to explore. Rather than the normal boring options, it creates an experience to remember.

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