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Skills the Online Classroom Builds for Corporate Success

The online versus traditional classroom debate has been going on for some time now. You can't get through one blog on eLearning or modern education without finding a discussion of the pros and cons of the digital classroom and online degree programs. The debate has been going for some time now and has seen many different facets and opinions. While online schools were shunned from the start, today they have grown and flourished into highly regarded institutions for higher learning. Today, rather than simply disregarding online learning as a lesser option to brick-and-mortar schools, people are beginning to see the two entities as options for different learning styles and lifestyles. There are many people who can benefit and really grow from their experience in the online classroom. Online learning facilitates many of the same skills traditional learning does, but has a few added elements. As our society becomes more and more married to the online and digital world, a comfort and ease in these areas becomes very important in the professional world.  The following three skills, essential in the corporate world today, are established and perfected in the online classroom.

Text-Based Communication

As text messaging, online instant messaging, and emailing become expected methods of communication, the ability to communicate clearly through text is vital in business. Proper etiquette in professional emailing and professional communication is very important. Though it might sound silly, text-based communication can actually be a very challenging thing for many individuals. There are those who struggle with communicating their thoughts in writing and who struggle with natural communication through text. Face-to-face communication is a very different game than text-based discussion. Online classes and online learning can actually provide a really strong foundation for text-based communication. Students have to use email, text, and instant messaging to convey any of their thoughts, ideas, or questions to professors and classmates. Online students gain an important familiarity with text communication and non-traditional discussion.

Flexible Learning Style

Above almost all else, online learning promotes a flexible learning style. Students are thrown into a very foreign way of learning and taking in information. The online classroom can take a lot of adjusting to conform to. This ability to quickly adapt to new atmospheres and methods can be extremely valuable in the corporate world. In business, there is a lot of fluidity and change. Individuals who are able to flow with change and new approaches easily tend to succeed in the professional business world. As an online student, you'll have to learn new technologies quickly and easily. New platforms are introduced and new classroom techniques are used depending on the professor's preferences. This ability to quickly adjust and learn is extremely useful in the corporate world.

Self-Motivation and Drive

Pursuing an online degree is often done completely solo. In many cases, students who embark on the path of an online degree do so on their own accord. Online students do not have the traditional built-in support system of a campus full of other students pursuing the same goals. This means that online students typically have to demonstrate significant self-determination and motivation to succeed in an online program. While you have the support of your school, professors, and classmates, the support is not as immediately available and apparent at times. This self-motivated drive is an invaluable trait to possess in the business world. Corporate leaders are individuals who can motivate themselves to really go the extra distance and succeed. Self-motivation and drive are essential in the corporate world and often found within online students.

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Patricia Garza is an education blogger and freelance writer. She is passionate about all things education related and regularly writes about regionally accredited online schools. Patricia uses her knowledge of the online education world to help students and graduates make the most of their degree experience. You can reach her in the comments below.


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