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3 Digital Training Techniques to Adapt from Online Schools

As more and more people desire flexibility while getting their education so they can keep their full-time jobs or raise their family, many are pursuing online programs. Though some people are skeptical about their effectiveness, online programs have mastered the use of technology to ensure that students have easy access to learning. That said, there are a few techniques employers can use from online programs that can help during new hire training, especially for remote workers.  Let’s take a look at these techniques.

Webinars/Key Note Slide Shows
Since online students don’t physically attend brick-and-mortar institutions, professors pre-record digital videos and webinars for these students.  Your digital training video can replicate one of these "lectures"—something simple, broken apart in several different headings so that your new employees can better absorb the information. Learners should also have control of the video, so that if they miss a part, they can simply rewind and play it again.

Discussion Boards 
Since there is no physical interaction, online students must depend on discussion boards and forums to ask questions and raise thought-provoking questions about their assignments. You can apply the same idea and create a forum for your new hires: they can post questions about the company in general or about rules and regulations mentioned in the company handbook. Open forums allow any team members to respond, plus all questions and answers are shared across the team.

Virtual Tours 
Many brick-and-mortar schools now also offer online programs. To help their online students learn about the school, "online virtual tours" provide a glimpse of the campus. When you hire a remote worker, host a virtual tour of the corporate office to help your new employee feel like he or she "belongs." It can even help those who work in a regional office who may never get the chance to travel to the corporate office.

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