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8 Tricks to Stay Focused During Training

It’s not every employee’s favorite task but it’s time for your online training course and you would rather sift through your emails than make the time to log on. But you know you have to get it done. Don’t let other work distractions get in the way of your course; here are 5 tricks to stay focused:

Schedule it: Depending on how long your online course is, schedule it into your calendar and set a reminder. Making time for it, instead of just finding the time, will help you actually complete the work. Adjust your day accordingly to fit around your training course.

Time it: Choose to take the course during your lightest time of the day and when you are most ready to work. Typically the first two hours after lunch or when you first arrive at work are good times. 

Close your door: Don’t be afraid to close your door and post a ‘do not disturb’ sign. Keeping your door closed will deter people from walking into your office and distracting you.

Log off: Log off your email and any other websites that are distracting, including your company's internal instant message application. Log off and stay off until your course is complete.

Turn off notifications: Turn your phone ringer off on both your cell phone and work phone until you complete your course. You can even turn off your email notifications to help you remain on task.

Just say no: If you are in the position to do so, just say no. There are times when it is okay just to say ‘no, thank you’ at work. If someone comes to you for help or a question, it is okay to ask them to come back at a later time or to seek help elsewhere.
Sit up straight: Not only is sitting up with both feet on the floor and your shoulders back good for your posture but it's also great for your ability to focus. Getting your body ready can help you stay focused on your course.
Allow for a break: Some courses take a long time to complete and you may want to schedule a break in the middle. Allow yourself to get up for a cup of coffee or take a restroom break. Five minutes should help, then it’s back to the course! 

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  • Wow, this is great advise. I can certainly use some of them on a daily basis and not just for a course.

    By Anonymous C Baxter, at 7:37 AM EDT  

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