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3 Free Apps for Employees Pursuing MBAs

MBA courses are full of all sorts of people at varying stages of their lives. There are those who start head strong right after completing their undergrad, while others wait a couple of years before re-immersing themselves in their studies. Then there are those who wait even longer—10-15 years sometimes—before heading back to school and hitting the books.

Whatever stage you find yourself, there is no denying that adjusting to the course load while juggling other real life, "grown up" responsibilities will take some time. In our ever-evolving world, it seems we are more often than not on the go and therefore reliant on our mobile devices. From tablets to smartphones, the gadgets we use keep us connected and allow us instant access to the information we need. To that end, while navigating your way from corporate meetings to class lectures, you might consider checking out the apps below. They are all free and aim to make learning and pursuing higher education much less painful.

Which MBA…?
First on this list is the Which MBA  app created by The Economist. Containing stats and information on approximately 100 of the world's top MBA programs and organizations, downloading and utilizing this app should be your first step when deciding to pursue your MBA. By entering a few simple facts and criteria, the app will inform you which program or organization is best for you and your situation.

This will help give you some good direction at a time when you might otherwise feel completely at a loss and overwhelmed with options. It is free, although available only for iPad and iPhone users.

Next up is the Dropbox app, which is free and available to both Apple and Android users. Updated regularly, Dropbox is a pretty reliable app that allows you to store pictures, documents and projects in a virtual "cloud" account for access anytime, anywhere you have a computer, tablet or smartphone handy.

This proves especially helpful as keeping up with work and assignments can prove taxing and overwhelming. Knowing that you can always get to it can be a real lifesaver. Say you're in a meeting and forgot to send your work team the updates to the new client presentation, a quick login to the Dropbox system solves that problem in a snap.

Card Munch
The final, noteworthy app all MBA hopefuls should check out is Card Munch. Although it is available only for iPhone and iPad, the developer is currently working to expand to the Android system. It is a free app that allows you to quickly store and save contact info you gather via business cards, ensuring you don't lose that vital contact you networked so hard to get.

Plus, it ensures you will always have that number at your fingertips and not trapped in some archaic rolodex at home or at the office. This app will help keep both your professional and educational lives organized and connected, making you a more all-around, productive individual.

So, if you're currently pursuing your MBA or considering doing so, I recommend checking out these apps to make your life much easier.

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