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3 Reasons You Should Send Employees to Conferences

According to the latest statistics from ASTD (American Society for Training & Development), U.S. companies spent almost $126B on employee education in 2010. A good portion of that was spent on e-learning. While remote education is now a popular and cost-effective method for providing access to the continuing education employees need, businesses shouldn't depend solely on this method. Rather, companies should blend e-learning with face-to-face learning by sending them to live industry conferences. Continue reading to learn three reasons you should send some of your employees to conferences.

Increase Networking Opportunities
One benefit of in-person conferences is that your employees can meet interesting and knowledgeable people who may inspire them to go “above and beyond” once they return to work. In-person conferences also provide opportunities for your employees to ask questions and exchange ideas with industry experts, conference speakers, and other attendees. These types of interactions are most effective when conducted in-person.

Capitalize on Internal Talent
At live conferences, attendees are often exposed to some of the most up-to-date and modern business techniques and products used in your industry. Your employees may return to their jobs with new ideas that can be applied within your company which may transform and improve some aspect of your organization. In addition, your employees’ new-found knowledge could save you money since you would have less need to recruit “new blood.” This makes good business sense since your current employees have already proven their value and loyalty, unlike new talent that you may recruit.

Make Employees Happier
Finally, an employee who attends a conference in another city or state may greatly appreciate the opportunity to enjoy a short break from the office, attend interesting sessions at the conference, and enhance their knowledge. It can be rejuvenating, refreshing, and stimulating. They should return to work more inspired and motivated as a result of their experience.

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  • Employees conferences is really helpful in building success to a company. It is essential to educate well employees and apply it in doing work. Enhance the skill and knowledge of an employee are the factors that has big impact to a growing company.

    By Anonymous Rick Smyth, at 12:56 AM EDT  

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    By Anonymous Training tampa, at 8:46 AM EDT  

  • Thanks to technology there are now various different creative ways to learn and train our employees. But nothing will beat the first-hand experience and prestige of having been asked to represent the company in a conference. It boosts the morale of employees and it is very beneficial to the company.

    By Anonymous conference venue Edinburgh, at 7:36 PM EDT  

  • Good points, Jenna. I would also add that sending employees to conferences to represent the company instills in them the feeling that they are an important part of the organization's relationships with customers, colleagues and business partners. This is an important component of employee engagement, and can contribute significantly to motivation and productivity.

    By Anonymous Employee Engagement Advocate, at 1:11 PM EDT  

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