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3 Google Tools Full of Educational Potential

Online learning has become an ever more popular endeavor for students, professionals, and lifetime learners. Even outside of a conventional online learning environment, learning on the web is an easy and useful way to gain insight into all areas of academia and industry. More and more often, corporate professionals are seeking elearning opportunities to educate their employees on new technologies and subjects. While actual online courses may be the best option in certain circumstances, there are an endless amount of free tools and resources online that can support further learning experiences. These three Google tools are wonderful examples of online educational resources that teachers, administrators, managers, and corporate leaders can use to help educate their teams.

Google News
Current events are an essential aspect of any education at any stage of your life. Knowing what is going on currently locally and globally is very important. Google news provides a way to take a thorough look at the current global, national, and local news topics as you desire. This is a great tool for business and business leaders because you can stay up to date and educated on the current happenings in your area of industry. Encourage your employees to explore Google News and stay informed about the important areas of news that pertain to their job and your company. While this may seem somewhat odd and unproductive, understanding all aspects of the industry or area you are working within is one of the most important things that people can do.

Google Books
With so much of our information retrieved online through websites and forums, it can be easy to overlook the wealth of knowledge that still remains available in actual print books. Of course, books are an obvious place to look for important and reliable material. In our tech-centric world today, we desire all of our work and studying to take place in one location. Google Books is a wonderful tool for exactly this reason. Providing a fairly extensive library of numerous texts on almost any subject, Google Books is a wonderful web resource for students and professionals. The search mechanism for Google Books helps you locate the texts and material that meet your specific needs. This resource library is always growing and so is likely to have or eventually have the text you are looking for. Google Books is a great resource tool for people in management and other leadership roles. You can find books on any topic and share them with your team members while also doing your own personal reading and learning.

Google Videos
Google video is a wonderful learning resource that many people don't actually know about. Allowing a user to search for various educational and informational videos online, Google Videos can be a great tool for corporation leaders and business owners. Videos are a wonderful way to conduct training sessions by modeling behavior and behavior critiques. Video has long been a go-to resource for professional training sessions. Google Video is a great resource because it makes useful video instantly available online. Use this tool to show an Excel training session or show numerous other educational videos. As a manager, you could use Google Video to have your learners watch a video on leadership or coaching and then use the information they learn from the video to create a coaching tactics guide.

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This post was contributed by Maria Rainier, a freelance writer and blog junkie. She is currently a resident blogger at First in Education where she writes about education, online colleges, online degrees etc. In her spare time, she enjoys square-foot gardening, swimming, and avoiding her laptop.


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  • Thanks for sharing these all in one place. Often, it's hard to find truly useful tools for students.

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