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Top 25 Free Palm Pre Apps for e-Learners -

Edu-tastic's Jimmy Atkinson has shared their favorite free Palm Pre apps for e-learners. He thought my readers would be interested in these apps. The text is below and here is the link as well: Enjoy!

by Miranda on July 20, 2009

Sure, the iPhone is pretty great. However, not everyone is into the iPhone. There are other smart phones. One of those is the Palm Pre. Applications have been developed for the Palm Pre, and there are fast becoming plenty of interesting ways to carry your personality around with you. You can even use the Palm Pre to help you learn better. Here are 25 free Palm Pre apps that can help you be a better e-learner.

Language Arts


Improve your command of the language — and even learn other languages — with the Palm Pre. You can also learn about other countries and customs, increasing your knowledge of the world. Language arts have been shown to be helpful in developing creativity and increasing one’s mental capacity. Plus, you’ll sound smarter.

  1. eReader allows access to free ebooks that can help you enhance your learning and become better acquainted with literature — no matter where you are.
  2. Charming increases your literary prowess by helping you learn all of Shakespeare’s sonnets.
  3. Talking English-Japanese Dictionary Phrasebook helps you learn basic and useful Japanese phrases. This application speaks to you, so that you can learn proper pronunciation. There are also Palm Pre language applications for other tongues.
  4. TranslatorPlus Online Translation Tool helps you translate between different languages. English, Dutch, French, German, Greek, Italian, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish are all supported. You can also get Chinese Simplified and Chinese Traditional.
  5. World Pro Edition Encyclopedia offers you insight into other countries and cultures. Look at maps, including physical and political, and learn facts about 220 countries.
  6. Madrid DK Eyewitness Top 10 Travel Guide and Map can help you learn more about Madrid, Spain. You can even find your way around. Palm Pre apps for other cities (such as Vienna and Paris) are also available.

Math and Science

Access to math and science right at your fingertips. Improve your skills, or just have handy information readily available. Science and math are often overlooked, but these are important components of a well-rounded education. Palm Pre makes it easy to study anytime, anywhere.

  1. Periodic Table of Chemical Elements offers you an easy way to learn about all of the chemical elements. This Palm Pre app includes details about each of the elements, and shares atomic numbers and chemical symbols.
  2. iFD Convert for Palm is a handy tool that provides you with the means to convert measurements between different units of mass, length and volume.
  3. Math456 allows you to brush up on your multiplication and division skills. These are valuable math skills that provide the basis for many other types of applications — and something that you can use almost everyday.
  4. TouchMaths is more advanced than Math456. TouchMaths allows you to use graphs, conversions and more as you work out problems and learn concepts.
  5. Human Biology Quiz can help you learn more about what makes humans “tick”.
  6. Science Manual offers you access to a number of helpful science facts, equations and constants. Also includes a unit converter and information on the elements.

Reference Materials

Get the information you need quickly with Palm Pre reference apps. Very helpful for when you are looking for just the right thing to say, or if you need to find the meaning of something that may not be entirely clear. Also, you can get quick and easy access to information that might help your personal spiritual study.

  1. MSDict Advanced English Dictionary and Thesaurus provides you with definitions for 140,000 words. Additionally, you can find words with similar meanings by using the thesaurus feature.
  2. Marketing Terms Dictionary for Palm OS offers you access to a number of marketing terms that you might come across. Not only is this valuable for business, marketing and PR types, but it can also be helpful for the consumer.
  3. LexSpell is a spell checker that can help you proof what you are writing, and help you find the correct way to express yourself. Multiple languages are supported with this spell checker.
  4. Vocabulary Ample can help you find just the right word. Access to this vocabulary reference ensures that you are unlikely to be stuck searching for the words to convey what you are trying to say.
  5. Holidays and Holidates provides access to a number of holidays and dates of interest from all of the world — and from a variety of religious traditions.
  6. Streams in the Desert comes in both English and Chinese versions. This is a devotional that provides inspirational Christian insights into God’s purposes and plans.
  7. Bible Verse provides you with easy access to the Word. Learn Bible verses and references with the easy categorizing offered by this Palm Pre app.
  8. Prayer Times Athan and Qibla is perfect for Muslims looking for prayer times during the day. Automatic alerts for different cites can be set.

Study Aids

Get help with your learning ability. There are several Palm Pre apps that can help you become a better e-learner, enhancing your study skills and your ability to organize and retrieve information.

  1. DicMake v1.5 is designed to help you build your vocabulary. This study aid is one that can help you actively increase your ability to use words.
  2. Homework Helper helps you organize your study agenda and keep track of what you have been learning.
  3. SpellIt coaches you in proper spelling and testing, as well as helps you build vocabulary.
  4. QuizWiz allows you to import quizzes or make up your own. A great way to study and test what you have learned.
  5. LiteNotes lets you take notes easily, saving your observations and what you have learned for later study.


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