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2008 Trends to Shape E-Learning

In a recent article by Bill Brandon, editor of The eLearning Guild's Learning Solutions e-Magazine, I read that we shouldn't expect any huge changes this year in how we create or deliver e-learning. If anything, we will see small, gradual, and incremental changes brought on by industry and economic factors.

Brandon described several larger trends that will most likely affect the e-learning industry, such as the current/upcoming recession, increases in the availability of broadband and WiFi, and more mobile devices with 3G (wide-area cellular phone networks) and WiFi. These trends certainly point to the likelihood of continued growth in e-learning and m-learning across organizations.

With increased bandwidth and the ability to compress video files comes the increased use of video in both e-learning and m-learning, which I certainly noticed throughout 2007. Brandon hopes that 2008 will be "the year that video becomes a practical alternative to the ubiquitous PowerPoint bullet slide."

We can also expect to continue seeing a steady rise in enterprise social networking. You have all probably heard of Facebook. And many corporate employees read blogs (thank you for reading this one!!), use wikis, listen to podcasts, and have LinkedIn accounts (I do, too). We also utilize SharePoint here at my company to transfer large project files back and forth with our clients. Organizations already use social networks to share knowledge across departments, provide an avenue for "informal" self-directed learners, allow employees to stay connected and work collaboratively, etc.

Brandon made another interesting point that as technology continues to improve (always connected, more options, greater sophistication, better interfaces - like the iPhone and iPod touch, more engaging visual and audio elements) , user expectations will continue to rise. The limitations and frustrations experienced by e-learners who expect "more" will drive further advancements and innovation in e-learning creation and implementation. This will keep all of us e-learning professionals on our toes!!


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