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I read an interesting article in The Chronicle of Higher Education / Information Technology, by Andrea Foaster and dated 12/21/07. Harvard University has devoted itself to a multimillion-dollar non-profit project to build virtual-reality software exclusively for education in fantasy spaces like Second Life. Using interactive 3D graphics, web cameras, web-based telephony, and other digital media, the goal is to build 3D interactive lessons that will grab attention but without the violence and titillation used in many of today's online games. Backers of this project include Boston College, Harvard U., Amherst College, Columbia U, MIT, Sweden's Royal Inst. of Technology, Japan's U of Aizu, the Asraeli Assoc. of Grid Technologies, NASA, Sun Microsystems, the City of Bostm, and the New Media Consortium.


  • Jenna, I hope you will circle back around on this post and keep readers updated. Did you see where Second Life (SL) has been used for fund raising? The future is indeed wide open as to ways of utilizing virtual realities.

    (WeirdGuy blog)

    By Blogger Eric, at 4:25 PM EST  

  • Two recent Drexel online students just defended their thesis in Second Life, it was very cool. Drexel online recently launched a blog- take a look at

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 11:20 AM EDT  

  • The Harvard event and Chronicle article stem from the Immersive Education Initiative, which is an international collaboration of universities, colleges, research institutes, consortia and companies that are working together to define and develop open standards, best practices, platforms, and communities of support for virtual reality and game-based learning and training systems.

    It's a free, but merit-based organization that has over 400 members today (mid 2008) and is growing at the rate of 2 or 3 new members every day. If you're a school, educator or teacher, or professional trainer you can join freely at

    Members get a wide range of free support, tools, technology and events, all to advance virtual worlds, learning games, and simulations for education!

    By Anonymous Barbara Mikolajczak, at 12:00 AM EDT  

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