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Future Trends in Training

I recently attended an ASTD webcast titled "Future Trends in Training & Development". The speakers, Marc Rosenberg and Pat McLagan, had the following main points to make:

Learning will become less course-centric and more knowledge-centric. Instead of asking what courses they can take on a particular subject, learners will ask what knowledge is available on a particular subject. Learners will continue to become more independent and "self-taught" as it becomes increasingly easy and convenient for them to find information and knowledge at their fingertips - and right in their workplace. The web (specifically Web 2.0) is changing the internet experience from static information and transactions to dynamic collaborations, offering more interactive and personable experiences. As a result, learning will be revolutionized.

In today's workplaces, people need to think, analyze, and solve problems - not just do routine work and tasks. Therefore, it is becoming paramount that employees know where to look for validated knowledge, instead of trying to remember everything. As job responsibilities continue to require more cognitive and relational thinking and the work itself becomes a continuous and accelerated learning process, the development of personal learning skills becomes critical for both employee and company success.

What we can expect in the future, then, is more learners managing their own learning, and learning professionals supporting learners' efforts. This is referred to as professional and competent self-managed learning.

Learners must learn to:
  • Draw insight from information and extract learning from experience
  • Evaluate information quality (validate the information)
  • Become competent with a variety of learning resources
  • Use analytical, systemic, and creative thinking
  • Consciously manage their own learning
  • Help others learn
As learning professionals, we must learn to:
  • Help link organizational needs and learner priorities
  • Help accelerate the learning that organizations and individuals need
  • Ensure that individuals and managers have the learning capabilities and mental models they need
  • Make accelerated learning resources accessible; create knowledge management systems
  • Become a guide and facilitator of the new learning process


  • Jenna, nice post. I agree, knowledge management is not by any means dead. I recently had comments about a similar article on KM.

    Nice blog. I'll be back often. If you would, I's appreciate a link on your blogroll. I'd be happy to reciprocate. My emphasis is on creative methods for learning that impact the NextGen worker.


    By Anonymous Eric, at 6:01 PM EST  

  • Hi Eric, Thanks very much for all of the great comments you posted around my blog. I am happy to add your blog to my blog roll. Talk to you again soon!

    By Blogger Jenna Sweeney, at 1:56 PM EST  

  • Very useful blog Jenna! True that knowledge-based learning is the approach that is going to be dominant in the future. Second Life , Active Worlds(promoted by IBM), ELGG, and some social networking sites such as FaceBook etc provide a framework with focus on the "e" rather than "learning" . What I want to see is whether Web 2.0 can really integrate both "e" and "learning" & also whether there would be tools that could integrate the content from wikis,blogs , podcasts etc in the same manner as an LMS does.Do keep writing more on this please.

    By Anonymous Iti, at 5:46 AM EST  

  • Hi Jenna,

    I could not agreed with you more. We should prepare the employees in internet research skill, learning and sharing skills for future training. The responsibilities of providing training classes is far less effective then self-learning by employees

    Laurence Yap
    Journey of HRD and Lean Cultute

    By Blogger east leaf, at 3:25 AM EST  

  • hi Jenna,

    I am back again. We used your ABT for One Point Lesson in Production Floor. The resapond from the operator is fantastic. I shall send you the soft copy we have made for the operator. We are going to do it for 6000 operators soon. Now we are in the first lesson.

    Laurence Yap
    Senior training Manger
    Carsem Malaysia
    mb 0162080096

    By Blogger east leaf, at 7:35 AM EDT  

  • I recently came accross your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I dont know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.


    By Blogger Lamont, at 9:55 AM EST  

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