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2008 e-Learning Predictions

This is the time of year when bloggers and organizations publish their predictions for the upcoming year. In his "eLearning Technology" blog, Tony Karrer offers his top predictions for 2008. Let me talk about a few of them now.

In my last post, I talked about how employees will be expected to become more competent and self-managed learners. This is where eLearning 2.0 comes in to play. Karrer predicts an increase in pressure to understand and apply eLearning 2.0. He also points out that mobile learning in 2007 continued to disappoint and that it has yet to take flight. Despite the fact that so many mobile devices today offer Internet access, large adoption of m-learning still won't be here in 2008.

Karrer predicts that companies will increase their attention toward ROI and metrics when it comes to corporate training and worker performance. The large LMS players will continue to add functionality, but most likely additional functions that we do not want or need. "Serious games" will continue to be talked about, but most of us will never get to build one, buy one, or participate in one.

Industry experts should hold frequent, targeted virtual discussions, as opposed to large, multi-topic virtual conferences. Finally, Karrer believes that "knowledge worker skills" will be a huge topic for 2008 but won't really take off until 2009.


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