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Video Games at Work? You betcha!

Here at CramerSweeney, we just added a basketball net, a ping pong table, and some other fun toys for our employees. In the near future, in fact, we are going to be adding a Wii. (I can't wait!) We want our folks to get out from behind their desks, move around, get some blood flowing to their brains, socialize, and yes... PLAY! (Hey, I want to get out from behind my own desk and play, too!)

Research shows that creating a fun office atmosphere increases productivity, boosts employee morale and solidarity, and also is a great recruiting tool that helps attract a younger workforce. As gaming at work is growing in acceptance, more and more companies are designating office areas for the sole purposes of gaming, playing, relaxing, socializing, and regenerating. In fact, at some companies, game rooms are the norm - especially at game development companies!

As an owner of CramerSweeney, I spend a great deal of my time here at our beautiful office - and love it. We want our employees to enjoy being here, too!~


  • I agree completely with what your doing in your workplace. This is a fabulous idea and one that all employers should practice. It goes to show that you guys take care of your employees. Hey..Without your employees what do you have?! Make sure they're happy and stay happy and they're not going anywhere. And besides...They spend more time at the office than with their own families for crying out loud...Why not provide a little morale boost. Great job!

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 6:33 PM EDT  

  • I can totally relate to this concept. Our office has a ping pong table to keep the associates morale up. It is a great game to play when you are bored and need something to perk you back up.

    By Anonymous Lean Six Sigma Training, at 5:36 PM EST  

  • We have a ping pong table here, too - as well as a basketball net! We even have tournaments. It's fun and energizing for everyone.

    ~ Jenna

    By Blogger Jenna Sweeney, at 9:53 PM EST  

  • Yea Jenna! I have been writing about creativity and play in the office and in learning for some time. Glad to see a leader step outside the "standard norms" and put this into practice.

    I predict innovation and retention will go up, up, and up.


    By Blogger Eric, at 12:17 PM EST  

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