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ASTD's T&D magazine published a recent article called "Engaging Mini-Games Find Niche in Training". (Mini-games are also called micro games or casual games.) These are immersive learning simulations (ILSs) normally created in Adobe Flash and which last from 5-20 minutes. According to some industry statistics, 45% of respondents have deployed ILS/mini-games to their associates, and 48% more plan to use them more in the next year.

Who's doing this? Cisco Systems, Miller Brewing Company (one of our clients), and Canadian Standards Association were each highlighted in this article. Mini-games work really well in both e-learning and m-learning environments (PDAs and mobile phones, for example), as long the interface is simple and the graphics are clean.


  • I agree. I have been using "mini" games for over a year now in the elearning courses I design and develop. In fact, the last job I got was partly because of my knowledge of developing these games. The trend is catching on and people are realizing how much these games benefit the transfer of knowledge to the learner.

    By Anonymous Stacey Gawrys, at 2:58 PM EDT  

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