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Gamers Get the Jobs!

A few months back, I wrote about how I had long believed that playing video games for hours each week (as most kids do) couldn't be a good thing. The information I discovered and wrote about back then changed my mind. Now here is more rather surprising information about the benefits of gaming. This appeared in the Toronto Globe & Mail (7/14/07).

"Companies are placing greater value on workers who are well-versed in internet games," states an associate with IBM's Institute for Business Value. "Businesses are becoming internationally distributed, the pace of change is quicker, and there is additional data to handle, which are all challenges that internet gamers have to meet to help their virtual teams succeed. The leadership characteristics that make individuals successful in gaming make them successful in heading business groups as well." Such qualities include:
  • Being able to bring a large number of people together in a highly sophisticated network for the purpose of attaining a goal
  • Self-direction and interest in acquiring new skills and espousing new roles
  • Openness in taking risks and learning from mistakes
  • Collaboration skills and the ability to influence other people on the team
  • Ability to locate strengths and drawbacks in the company
  • Excellent communication skills

I can't help but wonder if my company's job postings should now include: "High proficiency and several years of experience playing video games."


  • i have been a Corporate Trainer for about ten years and have seen many companies slowly start to lean towards e-learning and away from the traditional classroom programs. Companies place a greater vakue on "gamers" because they have little choice. The "gamers" are the young adults that are now entering the workforce.

    I must disagree, however, with the associate from IBM. It has been my experience that most young adults (gamer generation) that recieve only e-learning as a method of training, do not work well in teams and lack the interpersonal communication skills needed in all levels of business.

    I say get the "gamers" away from the computer and put them into situations where they can interact with others (and not by text message)if you want to develop quality employees.

    By Blogger JDF, at 1:57 PM EST  

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