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Virtual Worlds for Learning

Virtual worlds can be viewed across a continuum (as described by Tony Driscoll):
  1. Metaverse (such as Second Life) - For commerce and collaboration
  2. Intraverse - Where organizations try to extend their learning and collaboration technologies into the 3rd dimension. They want to do all the things that their LMS and collaboration software can do but extend it into the 3D realm.
  3. Interverse - To leverage the power of 3D for community and collaboration across firewalls.
So how can we create learning in virtual worlds? Here are a few suggested tools from Tony Driscoll (actually, these are really the only tools currently in the industry/marketplace at the moment - but that too shall change!):

Tony says, "If you want a platform that runs on 56K, integrates with existing apps, allows you to fire up a browser "in world," and oh-yeah integrates with your current LMS, you may want to check out Protosphere. Multiverse is a new arrival on the scene, but it seems to fit somewhere in between. And finally for all of us who are educators and have been salivating over "Second Life meets Moodle," check out Sloodle." You also have to look into Open Croquet. Go ahead -- Check 'em all out!!


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