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Training Industry's Most Comprehensive Study

Bersin & Associates has been at it again - doing what they do so well, which is research and analysis in the training industry. They recently published their "Corporate Learning Factbook 2007: Statistics, Benchmarks and Analysis of the U.S. Corporate Training Market."

You can purchase a copy of the 79-page Corporate Learning Factbook at Here are some highlights from their e-newsletter.
  • The corporate learning market continues to grow, with budget increases averaging 7%.
  • In 2005, 73 cents of every training dollar went to payroll expenses; in 2006, payroll expenses were 65 cents of every dollar.
  • The decrease in payroll expenses means that non-payroll expenses are rising. Examples of these expenses include technology (LMS & LCMS tools) and outsourcing.
  • The average spending per learner is $1,273. The highest spending sector is technology ($2,763) and the lowest is retail ($519).
  • The highest growth areas of outsourcing for the coming year are in custom content development (which is what my company does) and LMS hosting.


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