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From E-Learning to M-Learning to... T-Learning?

Most likely, you already know all about e-learning. And I have written a number of times (see below) about m-learning (mobile learning where content is provided via handhelds, i-pods, and cell phones). Now we have (drumroll please)..... T-Learning!

T-learning is learning via interactive digital TV (iDTV). It is currently being researched in Europe as an alternative to e-learning (learning via PC). The goal of t-learning is to provide learning content through personal TV systems, thereby increasing learning opportunities at home, the office, and at school. T-learning encompasses an integrated learning platform for interactive TV.

Giunti Labs in Europe has been working on a project to develop innovative TV learning solutions for an international consortium, including a large array of more than ten European universities and broadcasters. A recent press release states, "The project focuses on pedagogical as well as technical aspects of the possibilities of 't-learning'... One of the focus areas of the project is a game based t-learning application." The CEO of Giunti Labs commented, "From the pedagogical point of view, TV is a different medium from the internet and needs a different approach than 'traditional distance learning solutions'."

"T-learning will help to overcome, for example, the limits of physical distance as there is a broad digital TV infrastructure base in Europe. In addition to web and mobile learning, TV is an additional channel for providing personalized learning experiences using always the most convenient channel from the user's point of view."

The challenge will be to create engaged learning (not just edutainment) and allow for active learning (not just passive viewing). I can't wait to see how this initiative progresses!

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  • Jenna,
    You sure do offer a lot of information. I have heard of e-learning and m-learning, but I don't know much about T-learning. I have heard many comments about Europe; it seems like they are on top of all these technologies. How do you think the United States is doing with these technologies? I hope to learn as much as I can because I'm going to be redesigning my companies training lessons. I'm prepared for a lot of work since I am not that computer savvy, yet.


    By Blogger Heidi, at 1:22 AM EDT  

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