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Do Games Really Work in Corporate Learning?

This is a completely legitimate question which we all have asked at one time or another. And the answer is? You betcha they work! Let's take a good look at some advantages to using games - including those modeled after TV game shows, such as Jeopardy and Family Feud.

The power of game shows is that the second a question is asked, the brain automatically goes into search mode to find the answer. What makes games so effective is their ability to bring out curiosity and a competitive spirit. Games in learning have been found to:

  • Break the mode of what a typical training class is like
  • Keep learners' attention by engaging and motivating them
  • Make learning more fun
  • Energize any learning experience
  • Speed up learning for most learners
  • Increase test scores and comprehension by 50%
  • Provide bottom-line benefits such as increased productivity and more engaged, motivated, happy and capable workers

Comcast University (one of my clients!) plays a game show at every office across the country, then turns it into a countrywide competition where regions play against one another! After going up in rankings, the top people come together in a final round.

Game show training programs can be easily customized and are appropriate for a full range of learners. A higher level of participant engagement in training creates a greater emotional stake, and emotions are tied to memory. As a result, people remember more of their training when the information is presented in a game show format. Think back to your best and favorite teachers - most likely they were the ones who really engaged you at a very emotional level.

Play on!


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