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Preventing Intellectual Laziness

How do we prevent intellectual laziness? With instructional interactivity, according to Michael Allen's Guide to e-Learning. Instructional interactivity serves to wrestle our intellectual laziness to the ground - to reawaken our interest in learning, strengthen our ability to learn, and provide an optimal environment in which to learn.

Be aware, however, that instructional interactivity is NOT the same as navigation, presentation, buttons, scrolling, browsing, information retrieval, paging, animation, or video. Instructional interactivity is "interaction that actively stimulates the learner's mind to do those things that improve ability and readiness to perform effectively."

Good interactivity:
  • Causes learners to think
  • Helps learners synthesize new information and integrate their knowledge
  • Helps learners rehearse skills and prepare for performance
  • Promotes awareness of competencies, readiness, and needs
  • Contributes to self-confidence
  • Tests learner knowledge whenever they might like a progress check


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