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E-Learning Myths

In his book titled Beyond E-Learning, Marc Rosenberg talks about some common myths in today's learning organizations. These myths and others need to be dispelled within an organization before an effective e-learning strategy can be deployed. They are:
1. Everyone understands what e-learning is.
This is just not true. In fact, there is still a lot of confusion about e-learning because there is no one agreed-upon definition or common framework for thinking about, talking about or "doing" e-learning.
2. E-learning is easy.
I wish this were true! Creating and deploying great e-learning that is effective AND efficient takes a great deal of effort, experience and discpline in such fields as instructional design, information design, communications, psychology, project management, psychometrics, certain technologies, and needs assessment and evaluation.
3. Success is getting e-learning to work.
Too many people think that it's all a matter of getting the technology to work - getting the e-learning course "out there" for the masses. It is far more than that!
4. Only certain content can be taught online.
This is not the case, despite what some people may try to tell you. With the right instructional design approach, almost any type of knowledge or skill can be developed and delivered online.
5. E-learning's value proposition is based on lowering the cost of training delivered.
What should really be the focus is the substantial benefits e-learning can generate in worker productivity, speed of learning deployment, and shortened times to competence.


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