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Corporate Learning Forum? What's the deal?

I just received an interesting inquiry about the new Corporate Learning Forum. The reader said:

"I appreciate the efforts going into this Forum, but I'm having a hard time seeing why I should pay for the service. I go into this a little more on my blog, but I feel like I must be missing something in understanding the value of this forum over a free alternative. Since you're obviously a member, can you help point out what makes this listserv so different?" -Jeff

My response:

Thanks for writing, Jeff. Actually, you do get it. Yes, there are other Listservs - but surprisingly few whose daily exchange amounts to much more than extra junk mail. And there are numerous blogs in the blogosphere, including yours and mine. However, the benefit of Listservs over blogs is that Listservs offer a truly dynamic and immediate exchange of information.

Consider this: Why after just two short weeks does Corporate Learning Forum’s membership read like a Who’s Who list in the corporate training industry? You hit the nail on the head: Marketing. (Keep reading...) Listservs are underutilized because most of them are byproducts of non-profit organizations. With the benefit of a small, nominal annual membership fee (just $50), Corporate Learning Forum can afford to market. And here are the true benefits: Aggressive marketing equals more members, and more members means a much deeper knowledge base to tap into. Ultimately, access to vast amounts of pertinent knowledge is what it’s all about, wouldn't you agree? Even better is the fact that the every inquiry is answered with personal, directly pertinent, and highly helpful information!

So how’s it working? Just last week, the chief learning officer of the nation’s largest cable provider posted a question to the Forum asking for help to find an e-course that could train his 80,000 employees on pandemic flu preparation. Within 5 minutes he received several excellent sources, including one from a local instructional design firm that had just completed the very same course—-MY firm! In a subsequent conversation, he told me that he had spent countless hours over several months researching this and was amazed to solve this issue within a few minutes of joining Corporate Learning Forum.

Is Corporate Learning Forum worth $50 a year? Absolutely! While I can’t speak for all the other members, I can tell from the large range of questions and the detail of the answers that it is working for many of the members! More specifically, I know at least two companies who’ve gotten amazing returns on their minor investments in just the first few minutes (or hours) of joining!


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