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Workflow Nano-Learning

In a recent Chief Learning Officer magazine article, Bill Byron Concevitch raised the very interesting concept of combining workflow learning + nano-learning to get: "Workflow Nano-Learning." A brief definition of workflow nano-learning is short snippets (60-90 seconds) of highly relevant and timely information. Workflow learning is when work and learning become one; nano-learning is learning is super-small chunks. Together, they offer just-in-time workflow learning in "nano bites" - that is, learning happens at the specific time of need and is so short that it can be "squeezed" between real work tasks without interrupting regular workflow and be relevant to the next tasks and thereby immediately applied and learned. This type of learning can also be highly personalized based on individual need and be provided to only those who need it.

Examples of workflow nano-learning:
  1. Offer nano-bites of workflow learning for sales reps on the road: Just 2 to 3 minute learning snippets can help them on their next sales call.
  2. Workflow nano-learning is most effective when focused on systems and processes and skills: Use workflow nano-learning to increase skills on using a system effectively, handling difficult customers, asking effective questions, handling stress.
To begin, ask a target audience to identify their top 10 challenges to performing their jobs most effectively. You should quickly have a library of 1-2 dozen topics for nano-snippets of workflow learning! Each snippet should stand on its own, but can also be provided in clusters.

Don't forget to use instructional designers to develop these bite-size snippets and enable learner success!


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