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Business Intelligence Board - Industry Report

I am a member of the Business Intelligence Board for Chief Learning Officer magazine. CLO recently published its 2006 Business Intelligence Industry Report. According to the research report, learning and development (L&D) functions are currently experiencing both growth and change. Corporate learning budgets are increasing between 10%-20% this year, and organizations report an increased focus on leadership development. Much of the reported spending increases will be devoted to leadership and executive development. In fact, recent training design and development projects that I have worked on include "Medical Management" training for CIGNA, manager new-hire training for ARAMARK, and people and career development management programs for Miller Brewing Company.

The reported spending increases in L&D are also devoted to e-learning and improving learning technologies. While classroom training still dominates, asynchronous and synchronous e-learning continue to make significant headway. Fifty-one percent of responding organizations' learning is currently delivered in the classroom, followed by formal on-the-job training at 24%, asynchronous e-learning at 21% and synchronous e-learning at 11%.

Over 60% of Business Intelligence Board members report outsourcing part of their L&D functions. The two most prevalent outsourced activities are content design and development and learning delivery. Check out the rest of the report for many other interesting industry facts!


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