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The (Near) Future of e-Learning

The eLearning Guild ( recently published their second annual report, titled “Future Directions in e-Learning Research Report 2006.” The majority of the study's 20,000 respondents believed that e-learning remains a rapidly growing practice with a bright future – that it serves a useful purpose and is here to stay. In fact, the study authors conclude that “just about everything ‘e-learning’ is on the increase.”

When asked which e-learning activity will need the most focus and attention, the most popular response was “Designing and developing e-learning content.” When asked what their organizations’ highest e-learning priority is for 2006, the most popular answer choice was “Improve the quality of e-learning content.” These results prove that “Content Remains King!” Instructional designers, buckle your seatbelts!!

Another item that respondents focused on was rapid development. Almost 80% of respondents say their organizations will increase their attention to “Rapid e-learning design and development.” Rapid e-learning was not included in last year’s study; yet this year it made its debut in the number one spot!

The study also found that the following emerging e-learning modalities are clearly on the rise in many organizations: blogging, podcasting, mobile learning (m-learning), and games.

So much fun to be had - by designers, developers, trainers, and students alike!


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