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Predictions for 2006

Several recent e-newsletters have shared various predictions for 2006 in terms of technology, corporate education, and e-learning. Here are some of the predictions:
  • The use of e-learning will continue to increase
  • ROI measurements will improve
  • Outsourcing of learning and development functions will increase - especially the outsourcing of learning delivery, content design and development and custom e-learning (think CramerSweeney Instructional Design!)
  • E-learning will continue to expand into more electronic gadgets and gizmos - such as audio podcasting and video podcasting, video blogs (v-logs or vodcasts), even blogs integrated into LMS platforms
  • As an extension of the previous bullet, m-learning (mobile learning) will really come of age, as new video features will be exploited for e-learning in the expanding array of mobile devices (cell phones, iPods)
  • Use of web-based simulations and business games will continue to increase


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