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E-Learning Will Continue its Growth!

Findings from a study by SkillSoft, written by Bersin & Associates and highlighted in a recent article in Chief Learning Officer, show that e-learning will continue its healthy growth rates within organizations of all types and sizes. E-learning will comprise 33% of all corporate training in 2005. This growth is expected to continue into 2006: 77% of respondents said that use of e-learning would increase within their organizations over the next year.

The study reorts several major shifts in the use of corporate e-learning:
  • An explosive growth in the use of online books and other reference materials.
  • Off-the-shelf course use has broadened widely. To add to IT and software training, organizations now rely on e-courses for leadership, finance, HR, project management, and compliance training.
  • Growing interest in true on-demand learning solutions (incorporating RSS feeds, podcasts, etc.).
At Tata Learning Forum 2005, the world's top e-learning leaders discussed the industry's key trends and issues. Highlights included:
  • The delivery of learning will become increasingly mobile.
  • Upcoming generations of workers will show a marked preference for learning via problem solving simulations and gaming.
  • Learning will remaind strongly dependent on high quality instructional design. CEO of the University of Phoenix Online, Brian Mueller, stated, "If content is king, instructional design is the genius in learning."


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