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I apologize for being away from my blogging responsibilities for so long! Client biz and deadlines have pushed my blogging activities to the back burner. But I am back!

I have written about training ROI in previous posts. Today I want to share some very interesting new information that I read. Don't we all want proof that "Training Works"? I know I do!

A decade of research performed by Lauri Bassi (CEO of
McBassi & Company and former VP of Research at ASTD) shows that there is a connection between organizational performance and investment in training. In an interview with Online Learning News and Reviews, she was asked "How much better do firms that invest in their people do in terms of market performance?" Her answer? She has discovered that "a firm's investment in employee training is the SINGLE MOST POWERFUL PREDICTOR of stock prices that we can find." OK, even I was surprised to read this! Through her research and investment activities, she has seen first hand how investing in employee training means that you can out-perform your competition.

Some companies understand the importance of training and development because their leaders truly perceive employees as an asset and not an expense. Ms. Bassi believes that all companies should focus on optimizing people as assets. If your company's culture does not subscribe to this view, you can work internally to change that culture. According to Ms. Bassi, "research-based evidence we have presented in articles can be attention-grabbing for executives because the publications speak their language." Go ahead and stick these articles under your company's executives' noses! I did a quick Google search (for McBassi & Company, for instance) and easily found some of the information to which she refers.

And don't forget to send me a comment to let me know how you do! Good luck!


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