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Training Program Improvements That Work

Training managers are shifting their focus from training for training's sake to ensuring that training supports the business needs of the organization. Training professionals describe program design and delivery changes in order to address business problems or the needs of internal business units. Executives now want to see measurable business results in connection to training expenses.

In response to these new demands placed on training effectiveness ROI, many training managers now say that they have instituted the following four training improvements - and with great success:

1. Putting needs assessments and knowledge assessments in the forefront of the training planning process. A more targeted assessment process ensures the delivery of the right education to the right individuals at the right time - proactively, not reactively.

2. Finding links between learning and job performance. Management is eager to see proof that learning transfers to the job and produces business and productivity results. Organizations are beginning to overtly connect learning programs to organizational goals.

3. Adding more "e" in learning. Online learning is establishing itself as an extremely cost-effective and efficient way to augment training design, administration and delivery.

4. Selling the training programs. Companies that promote their programs more aggressively, with a focus on the business needs the training will address, enjoy increased participation so the training department doesn't have to repeat sessions as often.


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