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How Training Managers are Responding to Growth

This past year, we have been enjoying economic recovery and business re-growth. As a result, the demand for corporate learning - and especially e-learning - has been on the rise. The IOMA surveyed training managers about how they will handle organizational growth. Their answers? More training and more technology. The solid majority (75%) said they would expand training programs. Over 65% said they would leverage existing technology. And almost 53% will purchase new technology of web-based training applications.


  • Hey Jenna,
    I found your post very interesting as to the responces of training managers in terms of increased training. I have just completed a research proposal into the study of stress as a result of online learning and collaboration. Through my research of the topic I found that stress is caused from the constant update of technology, increase training programs on how to do the training programs and training on the new software and the fact that learners can get extremely overwhelmed with a large amount of online learning not only due to its isolation but technology problems and issues of taking work home and the computer technical problems that can be encountered there to. There is also signs of stress from managements pressure to learn online.
    Just though this would be interesting to know, as notmany people think about the stress that can also be caused from working and learning in an online environment.

    By Anonymous Jacqueline Barnes, at 11:57 PM EDT  

  • Hi Jenna,
    Like jacqueline I also found your post really interesting but I am wondering how many of the training managers are actually using this online training to benefit their employees. After readign much research on e-learning I have learnt that the best way for e-learning to be beneficial for your workforce is to tailor it to the workers needs. I would find it of great interest to know how many of the trainers are doign this in their organisation and whether it is actually possible?

    By Anonymous Rhiannon Archer, at 10:04 PM EDT  

  • Hi Jenna
    I'm a university student from Sydney Australia, and one of my uni course is E-learning experiences, and we are focusing on the networks of E-learning weblogs, so I found yours!

    I think your weblog is very interesting, yet contains a lot of useful information about E-learning from a corporate perspective.

    So I'm just wonder if I can do some 'pings' and 'trackbacks' of your work here, and link it to my our weblog which I have set up for my course!

    This would be very helpful to my study of E-learning!

    By Anonymous Tammy, at 1:25 AM EDT  

  • Hi Tammy - Absolutely go crazy with my blog and link and ping to it and share it as much as you would like. Thanks for reading! Good luck with your studies ~ Jenna

    Hi Rhiannon - You would be surprised to find how many people are using e-learning within their organizations and as a vehicle for obtaining university degrees (undergraduate as well as graduate degrees). Once I find some numbers, I will post them for you. Thank you for your question. ~ Jenna

    Hi Jacqueline - What an extremely interesting research proposal you've been busy with! I couldn't agree with you (and your research) more that there is a great deal of stress attached to online learning. I would love to see your findings, but I am sure they're not for public "consumption". Did your proposal offer any alternatives, such as blended learning, where classroom training and e-learning are mixed for variety and to address different learning styles? Good luck! ~ Jenna

    By Blogger Jenna Sweeney, at 5:16 PM EDT  

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