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Statistics Prove e-Learning's Continued Growth

I find statistics fascinating. Here are some that came across my desk today:

  • Online learning technologies and services grew to become a $23 billion global industry last year.
  • That reflects an annual growth rate of 20 percent.
  • There are now about 130 million online learners across the world.

Those numbers are astounding, and will just keep rising!


  • Interesting but as an e-L professional strikes me as highly overblown. What is the source of these statistics?

    By Anonymous Ken Joseph, at 6:30 PM EDT  

  • Ken, I gathered these statistics from AME Info, a Middle East business resource web site which seems quite legitimate to me. The story that contained the stats is titled "Inaugural e-learning forum opens in Dubai" and is subheaded "THE first Middle East Learning Technologies (MELT) conference and exhibition was officially opened today by HE Abdul Rahman G. Al Mutaiwee, Director General of the Dubai Chamber of Commerce, in the presence of global leaders in on-line learning." The specific page containing these stats is at Also there is a related (earlier) article at Thanks for your question.

    By Anonymous Jenna Sweeney, at 9:55 AM EDT  

  • Here's a little more food for thought, Jenna. From Business2blog:

    Countering a recent study that found only 11% of blog readers use RSS feeds, a new survey sponsored by Yahoo suggests that as many as 31% of all Internet users actually consume news and blogs through RSS feeds.

    The discrepancy comes from the fact that only 4% are aware that they are even using an RSS feed. The other 27% just sign up for news and blog feeds through services such as My Yahoo!, My MSN, or Bloglines without even knowing that those feeds are in the form of RSS. (Also, the Yahoo study found that 12% of all Internet users were aware of RSS feeds, whether they used them or not).

    So RSS may be more mainstream than we thought, after all.
    Endquote (The comments didn't like my blockquote!)

    I just happened to have been reading it when I was b-linked over to your article.

    By Blogger Amoranthus, at 6:14 AM EDT  

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