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Variety is "Spice of Life" in Effective Learning Programs

The results of the 2004 e-Learning Trends survey by THINQ are very interesting! I thought I would share the highlights with you here. In a nutshell, e-Learning continues to make in-roads and increase in popularity within most organizations, but the consensus is that a variety of learning approaches is the best way to go.

Thirty-five learning organizations were asked to select their top three learning tools. 92% said that e-Learning programs were the most effective element in their learning environment, followed closely by instructor-led courses at 86%. A majority of respondents incorporated programs like virtual classrooms and on-the-job training into their blended learning initiatives. In fact, a preponderance of those surveyed leverage these elements more frequently than face-to-face tutoring and mentoring.

A significant point is that a one-size-fits-all approach will not work in a progressive learning organization. Blended learning, on the other hand, allows learning organizations to accommodate individual learning styles while ensuring that critical content is delivered and understood.
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