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Measuring Training and ROI

In late 2004, Bersin & Associates surveyed 6,000 training professionals to understand how they are currently measuring the effectiveness of their training programs. The researchers at Bersin & Associates believe that “measurement, analytics, and benchmarking are critical tools to help training organizations optimize their programs to drive higher and higher business value.” The compelling results of this research were published this week in a new report called Training Analytics: Market Research. It's full heading is: "Training Analytics: A Market Analysis -- How Do Companies Measure Training and ROI?”.

Key Findings:

  1. Most organizations routinely measure training volumes (enrollments, completions, hours delivered), learner satisfaction, and total training costs. These measures are the easiest to obtain and are widely used by about 75% of the companies surveyed.
  2. The majority of organizations consider the business impact of training to be the most valuable information to obtain, but very few firms (only 11%) are actually measuring it. The reason for this is a clear lack of tools and methodologies.
  3. The top business impacts which companies measure are sales-related, quality-related, retention, and overall cost reduction.
  4. Most organizations are not satisfied with their learning management systems’ ability to provide the requisite measurements and reporting information.
  5. Spending on tracking and measurement is small today, but there is a strong demand for higher spending and resource allocation in this area.

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