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Internal Marketing for e-Learning Success!

People's perceptions of e-Learning can either make or break your efforts and the success of your e-Learning programs. In order for e-learning to succeed and for it to become fully integrated into an organization, the training must have a high profile and make an impact from the start. How can you ensure high levels of take up and completion rates from the get-go? Launch a full internal marketing campaign!

As part of your marketing campaign:

  • Clearly and "loudly" communicate the benefits of e-Learning, targeting specific messages to different audiences depending on job roles (e.g. sales training for the sales force). Pique everyone's interest.
  • Convey a clear brand and identity for e-Learning, such as a logo, image or name. This will raise the profile, recognition, status and perceived value of the program substantially.
  • Show positive and visible endorsements and support from senior management that they believe e-Learning is an important tool for the business.
  • Hold an e-Learning launch event to generate excitement and interest. Include hands-on sessions and take-away information, such as simple brochures.
  • Develop an informercial. This is a one-off piece of marketing collateral that can be used via email, the Intranet and public display units highlighting the e-Learning opportunities and benefits you offer. I worked in the training department at one company where we had developed an impressive 3-minute Flash-based infomercial and even hired a professional to provide the voiceovers. We (the instructors) played the infomercial for 15 minutes (it looped repeatedly) just prior to starting our classes while students were signing in, getting their coffee/tea, taking their seats, getting settled in, and waiting for class to begin. In fact, we played the informercial at the start of both internal (employee) and external (client) revenue-generating classes. What a captive audience!! People loved having something to watch and listen to as they relaxed before class. It not only served to entertain people while waiting with nothing else to do, but it clearly advertised and promoted our training courses and curricula!!
  • Encourage people to come back for more and take multiple courses by instituting a loyalty/ "air mile" scheme. Allow learners to accrue points for courses completed to be exchanged for goods or vouchers.
  • Get feedback and testimonials from your learners. Ask them what they think are the real benefits to them of e-Learning. Publicize positive feedback and success stories, such as someone receiving a promotion as a results of skills acquired through e-Learning.
  • Be sure to create an e-Learning page on your company's Intranet site. This page will be the main portal to all e-Learning throughout the company. The page must convey your new image, logo, name, brand, identity, etc. Advertise the link to this page on every communication (emails, hand-outs, bulletin board postings). This page should make it very clear and easy how to access the e-Learning courses/programs that you are making available there.

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