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Customer Training as a Vehicle to Gain Trust...

... and trust is a huge competitive advantage for any company.

A wise executive once said that people like to buy from their teachers. Why is that? Because invariably, the underlying, primary emotion you feel is - trust. The elusive notion of trust is a huge competitive advantage. Realizing that learning is a vehicle to gaining trust, many organization are employing the help of training and development staffs [and vendors] to focus on providing training for their customers. Gain their trust, and you can gain their loyalty and their business for years to come.

Many businesses have decided not to let the walls of their organization confine them when developing learning programs. While the bulk of their effort and dollars spent on learning still focuses internally on the human capital of the organization, a surprising amount of activity occurs in programs ainmed at external audiences. A great example is Harley-Davidson University.

By Kevin Oakes for Training & Development Magazine, March 2005. Entire article is on page 42 or can be purchased on the ASTD Online Store at (ask for Reprint TD050342).


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