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I am having so much fun sharing tons of interesting ideas and facts about e-Learning and training with you - my readers and subscribers - via this blog. So I decided to look into how (or if)
blogs are being utilized as a training tool. Bring together what I am writing about (corporate training and e-Learning) with HOW I am sharing this information (through a blog)!

My first thought was that a blog would be a great mechanism for supplying follow-up information to trainees after any training event. In a previous position, I taught several technical and data-intensive pharmaceutical industry courses to seasoned pharmaceutical clients. Occasionally, I would have to research an answer to a difficult question (or several difficult questions) and send the answers to all the trainees. This required that I gather each of their e-mail addresses (or take the time to pull them down from our LMS database) and hope that I didn't miss or misspell any of them as I emailed the answers a day or two after the class. A much better way to disseminate this information would have been to simply provide them all with a URL address to a blog and post the questions and answers there. This would also give them the opportunity to reply with comments or further questions (that would generate further information from me, the instructor). And to take it one step further, their comments and my answers/replies would all automatically be shared with everyone else from the class and other classes as well! If only I had known about blogs and corporate blogging back then!

Until now, e-mail has been a prominent and powerful tool for the distribution of and collaboration around information. However, e-mail is losing its effectiveness as a communications tool. It is difficult to categorize, to archive and to search. And it is easy for information to get lost or become part of the overload. Multiple threads of a conversation can be generated and not seen by everyone who needs the information. Blogging makes it easy for new parties to get the answers they need, get up to speed quickly on situations and collaborate around a solution. Besides, the blog enables information to be redistributed easily through
content syndication, which is a way of subscribing to a person's or company's blog and getting automatic notices whenever the blog is updated. I offer a couple of simple way to subscribe to this blog right here in the right-hand column. ->


  • That is a very interesting article. Your blogg is really well designed and maybe the ultimate proof that bloggs expand business opportunities yet simultaniously allow sharing new ideas and insights with

    By Blogger Your Own User Interface, at 4:14 PM EST  

  • Very interesting.
    Blogs evolved from a need that was not supported by existing internet channels, that mostly means having your own homepage, using a forum, or IM. To me, Blogging seems sort of an evolution of forums, where the post is more kin to articles. The Blogg conveys a message/statement in a different way than forums or IM, and should definitely be considered in a business knowledge management/sharing strategy. Nice one!

    By Blogger Ralf Joergensen, at 5:27 AM EST  

  • Great work,
    I read your blog regularly.Your blog really helpful for me lot.
    Now I learnt much about e-learning.
    Thank you Jenna.!

    By Anonymous Multimedia Training, at 3:37 AM EST  

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