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Rapid e-Learning: A Growing Trend

To be sure, even though e-Learning is having a major impact on corporate education, many believe it has never lived up to its promise. Enter rapid e-Learning. Click here for full story.
By Dianne Archibald


  • As additional, rapid content authoring tool like LERSUS allows small companies and even single authors become to professional e-Learning market and develop high quality content without any expensive investments. Our short materials aimed to help authors begin their work in e-Learning.

    Konstantin Malyshev
    DELFI Software

    By Anonymous Konstantin Malyshev, at 11:21 AM EDT  

  • There are some lovely rapid authoring tools available today. But what still remains a common pain is the ease of use. Try RapideL- a tool that creates flash courses using the familiar MS WORD! This tool has proved to be a boon to many Instructional Designers all over the world who can now convert their MS Word storyboards into a highly interactive course at the click of a button! visit or contact for a free trial!

    By Blogger Meghna, at 6:44 AM EDT  

  • I definitely agree that Rapid e-learning is an exploding new segment in the market, and thus there are humungous tools to adopt from and certainly i agree that most of them do not live up to the promise.

    The very fact is that Rapid e-learning is not a standalone process to quickly and easily train hundreds or thousands of people , but also help learners retain that information.
    Not every rapid e-learning tool gets it yet.

    Understanding rapid e-learning from learners perspective i found Raptivity's emphasis on Instructional Deisgn theories like Blooms Taxanomy, Gagnes nine steps quite enthralling.

    Going forward its not only imp for everyone to simplify and shorten the elearning development process but also to make sure learning happens effectively

    By Blogger Isha, at 4:21 AM EST  

  • Well I think e-learning demands a very good instructional design.

    Its definately a challenge to create a course that is lerner centric but its equally important. Leaners do not appreciate too much jazz on every second slide.

    Please don't expect the learner to go jumping here and there in exploratory games and assessment styles. Keep it simple, easy to understand, crisp, and consistent.

    To improve the quality of learning for students, an Instructional designer must themselves take a plenty of online courses. Only then would they realize how difficult it is to learn from a very busy interface.

    By Anonymous, at 2:03 AM EDT  

  • Rapid eLearning is used to create interactive courses at low cost and in a short time frame. Most of the time, bad eLearning is due to lack of creativity and effort by the developer and quite frankly, rapid authoring tools are really not the culprit. If you come across bad eLearning courses, it could be because the developers of the courses have either limited knowledge about the potential of the tools or lack of skills and creativity to exploit the features provided by them. Even a simple PowerPoint tool can be effectively used to produce an engaging and interactive eLearning course. All you need is a deep knowledge and expertise in using that tool
    I wrote a blog on the same "Can We Create Highly Interactive Courses Using Rapid Authoring tools". I will be glad if you can give your feedback

    By Blogger Sharath@commlab, at 2:08 AM EDT  

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